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On the net, you can see the designation TSI, which stands for Ticket Surf International. This is the name of the French payment system, which was originally created as a local one, focused on the French market. Over time, TSI has expanded beyond France and today covers the entire European market.

In any European country, you can pay for purchases through TSI. Casinos are no exception, they also accept money through this payment system. The company was founded in 2003 in France. For the first few years, work was carried out mainly on the French market, the necessary licenses were obtained, and a client base was built up. Toward the end of the 2000s, a successful entry into the markets of other European countries took place. The roadmap on the TSI website says that in 2018 the entry to the markets of Asia and Africa should take place.

In terms of reliability, Ticket Surf has a total of over a dozen different licenses from both domestic French and European regulators. During the entire existence of the company, no incidents with its participation occurred.

Users of the payment system have several ways of working, supported:

  • prepaid cards;
  • SEPA payments;
  • you can work with bank cards and accounts.

From the point of view of replenishing an account at a casino, the most convenient option is to use a prepaid card. You absolutely do not risk anything when replenishing, besides, you simply cannot physically lose more than what is on the card.

Statistics speaks about the scale of TSI's work. At the time of writing, there are over 200,000 outlets in Europe that support Ticket Surf. They can buy prepaid Ticket Premium cards. More than 16 million people use TSI services annually, and the annual turnover of funds exceeds €400 million.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the advantages of the proposed TSI approach to online payments, we note:

  • speed, security and anonymity;
  • the ability to limit possible losses through the use of prepaid cards. Even an extremely gambler will not be able to spend more than what is on the card he purchased at the TSI point of sale;
  • no commissions;
  • high limits on prepaid cards. For 1 card, the upper bar is at the level of €5000. For large purchases, you can use several of these cards;
  • there are no restrictions on working with the casino. TSI officially cooperates with a number of iGaming operators, so there will be no problems with replenishing your account.

Now for the disadvantages:

  • The geography of work is limited. In the CIS countries, you will not find points that support the sale of TSI prepaid cards, which means you will not be able to use the system. The list of countries in which Ticket Surf works is shown in the screenshot below;
  • when working with prepaid cards, you need to purchase them at points of sale. It is not possible to do this online;
  • you cannot withdraw money won at the casino through TSI;
  • not all casinos support this deposit method.

Of the shortcomings, we would name the geographical factor as the key one.

How does an online casino deposit through TSI work?

In our database, you can find all the casinos that support this method of replenishment through the filter system. To transfer money to your casino account you need:

  • select the appropriate item in the Deposit section;
  • specify the amount of replenishment;
  • after that, you will be redirected to a page where you will need to enter your prepaid card details. It is not necessary to immediately transfer the entire amount that is on the card, you can use part of it, the rest will be saved on the TSI card and can be used for other purchases.

It is convenient that at any of the replenishment stages you will not have to indicate the real data of your bank card or bank account anywhere. That is, the security when using prepaid cards is absolute.


Ticket Surf International could be called an ideal way to replenish an account at a casino if it were not for the restrictions on the geography of work. For Europe, the method is really good, but for other countries it is not suitable. You simply cannot physically use TSI. There are no prepaid card outlets or Ticket Surf outlets. Collapse

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