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This payment system has made a bet to make it easier to pay for goods and services in countries where the population has limited access to online banking. The idea turned out to be successful and now in Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Argentina and Peru the number of users has exceeded 100 million. Among other things, Boleto is also suitable for replenishing a deposit in an online casino.

How Boleto works — Unlike WebMoney, PayPal, and other popular payment systems, Boleto cannot send money directly from your wallet. When making a payment, all the data is indicated on a special ticket (in the boleto translation, it is the ticket that means), then with this ticket you need to go to the bank and make a transfer there.

In the bank itself or any other financial institution that cooperates with the payment system, the correctness of the payment is checked and then you simply give the money to the cashier. A bit like a standard bank transfer, but you won't have to fiddle with the recipient's bank details. You just need to print the Boleto form and give the money to the cashier after the form is approved.

The scheme may not seem very convenient, but Boleto processes more than 2 billion transactions a year and this number is constantly growing. In Brazil, the payment system covers about a third of all financial transactions in the country.

Advantages and disadvantages of depositing an account at a casino through Boleto

This payment system has become so popular due to the fact that in Brazil, Mexico and other countries of the region, the banking system is not very well developed. People simply do not have credit cards, and therefore they have to print a ticket with payment details and contact the bank with it.

This scheme has several advantages:

  • Absolutely anyone can use it, so online payments have become available to a large number of people. Even for those who do not have bank accounts, wallets in different payment systems;
  • high reliability. You do not need to enter your data on third-party sites;
  • anonymity.

There are many disadvantages:

  • terms - if you redeem a ticket through a bank, you will have to wait at least 3 business days. Online banking can help here, banks that work with this payment system allow you to pay online for a payment system ticket;
  • work only with tickets. An already printed ticket cannot be spent on paying for anything else, the purpose of payment is indicated on the ticket. You have to re-create the payment every time, this is inconvenient;
  • you can spend only the amount indicated in the ticket;
  • in the case of a casino, work is possible only in one direction. Withdrawing money from the casino in this way will not work.

As a result, the attractiveness of the payment system outside of Brazil and neighboring countries is greatly reduced. Especially when you consider that you can always open a wallet in another payment system and pay for everything you need online, directly from your wallet.

How to fund your casino account with Boleto

To replenish your account in the Deposit menu, you need to select the name of this EPS, indicate the amount of replenishment. Then print the ticket and pay for it at the bank or online if your bank works with Boleto. The general view of the ticket is shown in the figure below.

All payment information is encrypted in the code. If the payment was made through a bank, we recommend that you ask the cashier for a check. This is a simple safety net, if he made a mistake in the design, you can prove that it had nothing to do with it and return the money through the bank.

Should I use Boleto to fund my casino account?

This question depends on which country you are in. If in Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Argentina, then definitely yes. The banks of these countries without exception work with this payment system, and the lion's share of financial transactions is carried out through it.

A big drawback is the time for transferring funds, after all, hardly anyone wants to wait 3 days. And not all banks allow you to pay for the Boleto ticket online. Another argument against the payment system is the number of casinos that support this method of replenishment. In total, about 10-15 casinos allow you to replenish your account in this way.

So if you are not a resident of one of the countries listed above, then it is better to stop at other ways to replenish your casino account. They are much more convenient than fiddling with Boleto tickets. Collapse

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